Special Products
Plooma develops products in special dimensions and fillings, with proven quality and durability to satisfy the needs of every hospital or clinic.

Personalized service
Plooma has a team of specialized professionals to serve the hospital segment that can develop special items and accompany the implementation of projects at hospitals.


Fabric protector and anti-allergenic treatment
Plooma products are given high performance Ultra-fresh* antimicrobial treatment, which inhibits the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria, preventing allergy and respiratory problems. They also have Addiguard* fabric protector, which inhibits aggression by liquids and dry dirt, which means greater durability for each product.

Plooma Downproof Fabric - Nomite
The pillows, quilts and pillow tops are lined with especially developed fabrics by Plooma (Downproof) made of 100% cotton, supercal 210,240 and 280 threads, and they have NOMITE International Certification, which ensure the fabric’s weave is closed enough to impede passage of feathers and down, but sufficiently open to permit the natural breathing of skin. It also impedes the migration of mites.

The patient does not need to relinquish the comfort of home when needing to use hospital lodging.