Você está aqui Company Mission, vision and values


Mission Vision and Values

Contribute toward improvements in the quality of life of people through the sale of Plooma products, respecting their needs, their consumption interests and their choices.

Become a reference in the manufacturing of pillows, quilts, pillow tops and protectors with quality to satisfy the highest standards on the market, durability and comfort.

Development and Recognition – seek growth through daily learning, disseminate and share knowledge. Value the contribution of others and the objectives achieved.

Transparency – represent the development of our activities with clarity and sincerity, generating trust and credibility.

Commitment – represents dedication in achieving company objectives, preserving the rights of customers, collaborators and the community.

Perseverance – represents our determination to overcome obstacles, always in the search for better results.

Social responsibility – satisfy pertinent labor legislation, seeking the generation of jobs that offer professional and personal development. Assist the community by supporting entrepreneurial education.

Environmental responsibility – satisfy pertinent environmental legislation and continuously invest in technologies and processes that aim at improvements for the environment.

Você está aqui Company Mission, vision and values