Addiguard Fabric Protector

What is Addiguard protection?

This high performance treatment is conducted on fabric fibers. It aims at protecting those parts. The technology creates an “invisible shield” protector avoiding stains caused by aqueous and oily substances and also everyday solid dirt. It also promotes the easy release of stains when the materials are washed.




Does  Addiguard protector waterproof the treated fabric?

No. The treatment principle is to create an invisible barrier in fiber structure, impeding the passage of aqueous and oily liquids. It also avoids the retention of dry dirt in the material. However, treatment does not seal the article’s structure (spaces between the weave), which allows the fabric to breathe as in its original condition.


Does Addiguard treatment alter the fabric in any way?

No. The treatment has no odor; does not alter resistance; is imperceptible to the touch and does not change article colors. The technology simply adds protection to the fabric (water/oil/solid dirt repellant) and it releases stains in wet washing (easy release).