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Ultrafresh - Antimicrobial


This high performance antimicrobial treatment protects treated articles against the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria. Treatment with Ultra-Fresh* prevents the allergic and respiratory problems caused by these agents. Use of a treated product is extremely safe since it is non-offensive to human health and does not cause any sort of dermal sensation on human skin.

How does treatment work?

The treatment operates on the material to create an environment that is totally hostile to bacteria, fungi and mites, eradicating those agents from their proliferation sites. Specifically in the case of mites, treatment works by interfering win their eating cycle. The main focus for the proliferation of mites is where human skin begins to scale, the main food for these microorganisms. Fungi play an important role in the eating cycle of mites, because they are responsible for pre-digesting the food for the agent.

Due to the treatment’s fungistatic properties, dead human skin does not suffer any attack from fungi (non-mold) and as a result, the mites are unable to digest their food. By eliminating mite colonies, there is no formation of the enzyme, Der p1. Without that enzyme, allergic attacks caused by it are avoided.


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Você está aqui Hypoallergenic Hipoalergênico Ultrafresh - Antimicrobial