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The healthiest position for sleep


Sleep is responsible for moderating several body functions. For such, a well-slept night is essential for healthy life and interferes directly in productivity at work and in the individual’s emotional aspect.
Arriving home after a tiring day, taking a shower and falling into bed does not mean a good night’s sleep. In order to sleep well, it is necessary to choose a correct position, products and proper environment. It is thus possible to avoid aches upon waking and even get yourself of insomnia.
Sleeping in an improper position can cause tiredness, muscle pain and long-term back problems. In cold weather, to stay warm, the tendency is to curl up, which contracts the muscles, facilitating poor posture and making us wake with aches and pains.
Each person should seek the best position for them, remembering that the ideal to when the back is completely straight.
Other important factors are the pillow and mattress. The first should not be too high, so your neck is not crooked, but it must be high enough to keep your spine straight. Their useful life varies according to the person’s perspiration. However, the pillow should be changed at least every two years.
A mattress, on the other hand, can be used for five to ten years. With foam mattresses, density is important, which varies according to the person’s weight.


The best way to sleep is on your side, with one of the arms bent and aligned with the other. The head should always be in a straight line with the spine and never bent forward or backward from the body. Thus, breathing flows, the canals remain unobstructed and snoring is reduced.
Legs should not be crossed, so they do not exert force on the spleen, which tends to force the spine.
Avoid sleeping on your back. But, if it is necessary to stay in that position, use an anatomical pillow that aligns with your neck.
Never sleep on your stomach. That position greatly forces your lumbar region and those who sleep in this position generally wake up with stiff necks and back pain.
Sleep well and pleasant dreams! Your health thanks you!

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Você está aqui Dicas Interno Bem estar The healthiest position for sleep